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spontane zwart wit foto van bruidspaar door irene van de wege fotografie
huwelijkstaart met mooie rozen erop

"a photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone" 

Spontaneous and real photos that show you as you are!

Don't like having your picture taken? Don't worry, I recognize that!! But you've come to the right place. I make sure that the photo shoot is relaxed, we can laugh during the shoot and that you are captured at your best!
I would like to capture you during the important moments in your life, for example a wedding or elopement. But you can also contact me for all kinds of other photo shoots. 

I edit the photos in color and in black and white and I like a reportage-like style. I like photographing people when they are just being themselves.

I also think it's super cool to get creative and work out ideas with you!
I mainly do photo shoots in Zeeland. I prefer to work with natural light during the golden hour. This is the time up to an hour after sunrise and from an hour before sunset.


When booking a photo shoot you automatically agree with myTerms and Conditionsand using the photos on my social media and website  (If you don't want this, you can report this prior to the photo shoot!)

All prices are subject to price changes. You will of course always receive the photo shoot for the price that we have agreed and stated in your invoice!

Curious about how others experienced the photo shoot?

Read the reviews here.



More information about the different shoots can be found below! The prices are listed everywhere, I'm not secretive about that. That way you know exactly where you stand!

Should youadditional If you want more information, you can also email me! I will respond as soon as possible!

Wedding / Elopement
zwart wit foto van bruid die naar buiten kijkt door irene van de wege fotografie
prieeltje waar huwelijksceremonie wordt voltrokken door irene van de wege fotografie
zwart wit foto van bruidegom die bruid optilt door irene van de wege fotografie

Wedding or Elopement

First of all congratulations: you are getting married!

I would like to make a beautiful bridal reportage of your day. I think it's great to follow you in whole or in part on this beautiful day. This can be done from the dressing moment and the first look to the first dance or a little longer during the party.

A wedding shoot or elopement is a tailor-made package, based on one of my packages. Contact me and I will send you the brochure with all the information without obligation!

Prices from €800,- for 4 hours of photography.


styled shoot-1-6_edited.jpg
bruidspaar bij photobooth op trouwfeest
styled shoot-1-3_edited.jpg

Pre-Weddingshoot or Post-weddingshoot!

Why a Pre of Post-Wedding shoot?

The wedding actually starts with the preparations. It's nice to book a pre-wedding shoot, to get used to me as a wedding photographer. You also get used to the camera. This makes it a bit easier on the wedding day itself, you know how a photo shoot works and you will be a bit more relaxed on the actual wedding day!

Many couples also use the photos from the Pre-Wedding shoot for the announcement of their wedding. For example for the "save-the-date" cards.

And what is a Post Weddingshoot? Maybe you don't feel like doing a separate photo shoot on your wedding day. Because the day is already so full, or you're nervous about everything that 'must' already. Then maybe a Post Weddingshoot is something for you, also called an After Shoot, or Day-After Photoshoot. A relaxed photo shoot at a beautiful location a day (or a few days) after your wedding day in your wedding attire. This way there is a little more time and relaxation for the photo shoot, to make them really beautiful, instagram worthy and special. Photos that can be framed like a work of art!


You can have the photos taken in a beautiful location in nature, or for example in a place that has a special meaning for you. Make sure (Pre-Weddingshoot) that you are wearing nice clothes. You can bring several sets, so you can change clothes a bit. And at the Post-Weddingshoot, of course, great when you put your wedding clothes back on!

After the photo shoot you have a lot of beautiful pictures of you together. 

The price of a Pre- or Post-Wedding shoot is the same as with a couple shoot, but when you also book a bridal shoot with me, you get a discount!

bruidspaar tijdens harde win op het strand van Breskens
Anker Loveshoot / Friends
stel in de duinen van Breskens door irene van de wege fotografie

2 persons

 includes  1 hour photo shoot

location in consultation

at least 15 digital photos in high and low resolution,

carefully edited in my style.

delivered via we-transfer

Combination of color and black and white.

Including super nice harmonica mini booklet of 7x7 cm with 18 pages and magnetic closure!


stel in het nollebos van vlissingen door irene van de wege fotografie

1 person

including 45 minutes photo shoot

location in consultation

at least 10 digital photos in high and low resolution,

digital photos in high and low resolution,

carefully edited in my style.

delivered via we-transfer

Combination of color and black and white.

Including super nice harmonica mini booklet of 7x7 cm with 18 pages and magnetic closure!


Portret van vrouw op het strand in Vlissingen, Dishoek, Zeeland door irene van de wege fotografie
Portret jonge vrouw door gras

Boudoir shoot





Boudoirfotografie  is an intimate, stylish, seductive shoot, where your female body comes out beautifully - in a beautiful, artistic (not ordinary!), relaxed way. A boudoir shoot helps you feel good about yourself. 

You can be proud of your body! A present for yourself. Or for your partner! A beautiful print, when it is also framed, is also a wonderful gift for your partner, for example when you get married!

You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but I'll take the time to make you feel at ease quickly.

You will be photographed in a classy, romantic, sensual way and I will bring out your strengths. It is a beautiful experience and very good for your self-confidence.

Boudoir photography can be done outside on location or at home in your own environment, where you feel comfortable.

1 person, from 18 years

including 60 - 90 minutes photo shoot

location in consultation

at least 10

digital photos in high and low resolution,

carefully edited in my style.

Combination of color and black and white.

download via an online gallery (via pin protection)

Including super nice harmonica mini booklet of 7x7 cm with 18 pages and magnetic closure!


Boudoir photography works best on paper. I can have it printed for you on beautiful fine-art paper. This is beautifully framed on the wall for your bedroom, for example. Or have a mini album made! Ask for the possibilities.

Boudoir Roos-29_edited.jpg
groep vriendinnen op bank tijdens vrijgezellenfeest
Familie / vrienden

Multiple people*

including 45 to 90 minutes photo shoot

location in consultation

at least 20

digital photos in high and low resolution,

carefully edited in my style.

delivered via we-transfer

Combination of color and black and white.

Including super nice harmonica mini booklet of 7x7 cm with 18 pages and magnetic closure!


*up to 4 people. Each additional person €25.00

Basically no very large groups (larger than 8) but depends a bit on the shoot. Just ask!

moeder en dochter in de duinen van cadzand door irene van de wege fotografie, portretfotograaf
man en vrouw gearmd aan zee in cadzand door irene van de wege fotografie

Are you looking for professional, candid images for your brand that you can use on your website and socials? Let's create images that suit you and your business!

We can take pictures on the beach, in the dunes, in the forest or in the city, whatever you want!

Contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.



1 person / claya company

including 2 - 2.5 hours of photography

photo shoot on location (this can be done while you are at work, in consultation)

at least 25

digital photos in high and low resolution,

carefully edited

in my style.

delivered via we-transfer


bakker met tatoeages aan het werk met brood in de fabriek in Middelburg
Rachelle Waisapy aan het werk bij een naaiatelier door irene van de wege fotografie

Gift card

Would you like to give an original gift?

Then consider a photo shoot!

A gift voucher can be issued for all types of photo shoots.

There are four types of gift cards;

White: A gift card of €50,- 

Black: A gift card of €75,- 

Silver: A gift card of €100,- 

Gold: A $125 gift card  

A combination of gift vouchers is possible.

(Envelope   is in white, black, silver or gold color - depends on your amount choice. The card itself is printed on beautiful 250 grams linen pressing (white) paper). 


Pay attention; Color deviations may vary due to different monitor settings. That's why I regularly calibrate my computer so that the printout matches my screen.

By booking a photo shoot with me, you agree to my Terms and Conditions!

Extra tips en info fotoshoot

Tips / info for a photo shoot:

After you contact me, we'll agree on a date and location. 

The photo shoot will usually take place on the beach, in the dunes or forest. Nice is also with your feet in the water!

We'll make it a nice walk, so I can photograph you at different locations. If you want a more industrial photo shoot, at a cool location or in the city, or somewhere in the countryside, that is also possible!


The most beautiful light is during the golden hour. Because it is so nice and quiet in the morning, I prefer to photograph during the golden hour in the morning, but in the evening you can of course also! 

The sun is not that high and is not yet that bright. And if the weather is cloudy, that's not a problem, because often only more beautiful in the photos! In the summer months I do not recommend taking pictures during the day. The light is then very bright and hard.


At a family or couple shoot it is nice when you coordinate your clothing. Think timeless. I have collected eight clothing tips for you in a blog. Clickhere!

If it's a portrait shoot, or maternity shoot, then a beautiful dress is also beautiful on photos!

You will receive your photos afterwards in high resolution digitally, and in low resolution - suitable for your social media. If you also want some photos as a print, please indicate that! 

I like to give the photos their own atmosphere in terms of color and execution. I try to create beautiful images in a sometimes tough raw style, sometimes romantic, feminine and soft and sometimes a combination of these. I don't like overly posed photos, but rather the unexpected, spontaneous moments in between. I don't take 'funny' photos ;)), but I do take photos with a documentary and artistic edge.  If you prefer really realistic photos, then I'm not the right photographer for you!

I prefer to photograph in nature.

That I live in Zeeland is therefore ideal!

"It's not about seducing men;
it's about embracing womanhood"

zwart wit foto van Boudoirshoot met een vrouw tijdens het gouden uur 's ochtends door irene van de wege fotografie

Info about a boudoir shoot:

I like shooting outdoors. Especially with boudoir photography, it is nice to plan the photo shoot early in the morning, then it is still nice and quiet.

Think of a location such as the beach, in the dunes, near a lake, in a field with flowers or reeds. But there are plenty of other possibilities.


An indoor location is also beautiful, think of rooms with beautiful windows and frames; a room with good light in any case! Of course it is also possible at your home!

If you like it, you take your partner or your sister or girlfriend with you, but sometimes it works better when you're alone, maybe you feel less inhibited.

In terms of clothing is beautiful; an oversized shirt (black or white always works well) or sweater; 

beautiful (wedding) lingerie, kimono, corset or beautiful dress for example. Heels, fine slippers or wedding shoes; or bare feet!

Accessories are beautiful!  Necklaces, earrings, your engagement ring, your veil, bracelets, rings, a hairpiece. It's all possible and what you think is beautiful of course!

Hair and makeup are not done before the shoot. I like to photograph you as you are, with or without make-up. If you know / want to bring a make-up artist yourself, that is of course fine!

My style of boudoir photography is not necessarily the whole glamorous boudoir look, but more with my natural raw sauce over it ;))

LQ Boudoir Kirsten-129_edited.png
Extra info boudoir
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