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boom met roze  bloessem in park Vlissingen


Something about me:

Balso check out my blog:"How did I become onefotograph?" 

Love Richard | 3 children studying | 

photo school Rotterdam | teacher of German

Groningen, Flushing | coffee, black | water | get up early;  golden hour | beach, sea, forest, mountains | Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden | dream of Iceland, Scotland, Ireland | photo reports Vogue Living | spring, autumn | pasta  | chocolate | guilty pleasure: Lays Sensations | rock to pop and everything in between | yoga, walking, running |  interior | Outlander | Blossom | Peonies, Dahlias |Dog Cooper (English Springer Spaniel) | camera: Canon | atmosphere: moody, bohemian with a touch of punk, atmospheric, authentic | feminist, free spirit, organized, perfectionist, punctual | melancholic sometimes, sober often, dreamer always | social Loner | loves many types of photography: wedding photography, love shoots and portraits! 


Photos on website

Listing on"zoom academy"


Photo series published in: 

MOB Journal (May 2022); 

Sarze Magazine(March 2022)

Photo exhibition Fotovakschool Rotterdam (February & March 2021)

ISK brochure from the Middelburg branch

Plieger BV employees - sanitary Timmerfabriek newsletter

lago di braies door irene van de wege fotografie
camping sass dlacia in de dolomieten italië
Lago di Braies door irene van de wege fotografie
zwart wit portret van vrouw
fine art van jonge vrouw met ouderwetse klok
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