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boom met roze  bloessem in park Vlissingen

Something about me...

Love Richard | 3 children studying | 

photo school Rotterdam | teacher of German

Groningen, Vlissingen | coffee, black | get up early;  golden hour | 

beach, sea, forest, mountains |Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden |

dream of iceland, scotland, ireland | photo reports Vogue Living |
spring, autumn | 
pasta  | cchocolate | guilty pleasure: Lay's Sensations | rock to pop and everything in between | yoga, walking, running |  interior | Outlander | 

Peonies, Dahlias | Dog Cooper (English Springer Spaniel) | camera: Canon | atmosphere: moody, bohemian with a touch of punk, atmospheric, authentic | feminist, free spirit, gorganized, perfectionist, punctual | 

melancholic sometimes, sober often, dreamer always | social Lonner


Photos on website of copower4u

Listing on"zoom academy"


Photo series published in: 

MOB Journal (May 2022); 

Sarze Magazine(March 2022)

Photo exhibition Fotovakschool Rotterdam (February & March 2021)

ISK brochure from the Middelburg branch

Plieger BV employees - sanitary Timmerfabriek newsletter
zwart wit portret van vrouw
fine art van jonge vrouw met ouderwetse klok
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